Yooda is International recording artist, song writer and record producer born and raised in Miami, Florida.

At an early age, Yooda moved around due to his mother's occupation. Moving around Miami: South Miami, Liberty City, Carol City and Richmond Heights allowed him to be well rounded and soak up the Miami Culture faster. Yooda embarked on his musical career as a teenager after watching his older brother (Vido No Shake of Piccalo) make music and attend performances. Going along with his brother to shows gave him the passion and work ethic necessary to pursue his craft.

Before pursing his solo career, in 2002, Yooda became a member of the hip hop group Junkyard Squad, which released two albums, Laugh Now, Cry Later (2003) and Da Predator (2005). In 2005, the group amicably split to accomplish solo efforts.

In 2006, Yooda debuted his solo album, Chronicles of Yooda. Yooda has followed up with multiple albums:

Chronicles of Yooda chapter 2: Green Eye (2007)
Chronicles of Yooda chapter 3: 305 Shotta (2010)
Return of the Shotta (2011)
Extreme Measures (2013)
Latent Status (2014)
Hiroshima (2016)
Dade (2019)
Black Roses (2022)

These albums have produced hits such as:

Tell me featuring Paris Mcfly
I need that now and I need that now Gmix
I ain't worried about you
Stressing featuring Lion and Top Hoodlum
Don't walk featuring Skyhigh and
Waste time featuring Nubawn, just to name a few.

Yooda has performed all over North America but has recently added International status after performing in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for the International Kite Festival in front of thousands of fans. Expect to continue to see great things for this artist as he is currently working on his next album named Fresh Out of Favors.

YOODA epitomizes the best of South Florida's urban rap scene. Smart, hood, witty and hard, he demonstrates, with every song he crafts, the gritty, Caribbean inflected soul of Miami's musical tradition while also maintaining his status as a hard-hitting, consistent producer of countless, current bangers. As such, Yooda is just beginning to peak. The best is still ahead of him as a powerful orator. His brutal delivery and poignant lyrics, already something to behold, mark Yooda as a contemporary hip hop giant from the bottom-of-the-map, with his best days as a creative artist still ahead, as he plots the way forward.

Islandriddimstv and it's staff, have had the pleasure of working with international recordings entertainer YOODA, I experience with his team and himself was nothing short of professional performances and entertainment. We look forward to working with this innovative artist in the near future.


Miami Live · Climaxx south-Maimi · Hot Lemon- Broward · Wynwood Yard-Miami
Compound-Jacksonville · Mint Lounge-Miami · Hard Rock Cafe-Miami · The Office-Miami
Lounge-Atlana - Atlanta

Minnesota/South Carolina
Prive-Minneapolis · Nomad World Pub-Minneapolis Gateway-Greenville

Kite Festival-Ocho Rios · TBA

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